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Loc Language LLC is a black owned, woman owned, and mother owned business that manufactures and distributes high quality pre-styled loc units, holistic hair care products, and accessories for the natural hair community


My name is Ikea, everyone calls me Keke. I've been a natural hair specialist for over 20 years, primarily focused on holistic hair health, repair, and growth. I'm also a hair loss practitioner, certified by the International Association of Trichologists. After my daughter was born I decided to scale back a bit from braids and weaves to solely focus on the loc community. In doing so, I realized there are some gaping holes where safer styling options should be. Especially for my starter loc people.  If there's one thing that I've learned after all this time, it's that most black Americans simply haven't been educated on how to properly care for our hair. Instead of just complaining about that problem though, I decided to create solutions. 


Our Hand-crafted line of pre-styled units is composed of  the most natural texture, synthetic, loc hair on the market. The goal is to give people unique, safe & more affordable options when it comes to starting and customizing their unique loc journey. 


.Black Americans have spent generations frying, dying, and damaging our hair and scalps in order to fit in, and to not be deemed as unprofessional or inappropriate. Somewhere along that line, we stopped prioritizing hair health, and started adopting tools and practices that never served our hair well to begin with.


Now, I get it. Times are changing. Locs are becoming more and more universally acceptable by the day. We have CEOs, millionaires, celebrities, entertainers, and world leaders with locs. I have locs myself! It's a beautiful thing, but my goal is to provide a trusted brand to the ever-evolving loc community, so that we can keep our hair nourished, clean, hydrated, and stylish. In THAT order!




We hand craft everything from units, to styling products, Accents and accessories. And we plan to keep diversifying the brand as we grow.

"Take the kinks out of your mind, not your hair."


-Marcus Garvey